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Color Correcting

Amanda, originally uploaded by PhotoGraphicGirl. Clearly you'll know you've been doing a little too much color correcting when you walk outside for lunch and the world looks too blue.

During my leadership as the organizer of the Long Island Photography Meetup, I heard a lot of photographers say, "I don't worry about the white balance, I just fix it later in Camera Raw / Lightroom / Photoshop.

At the time I thought, "Oh, ok that's cool." But after one brief, nerve wracking lesson with a professional shooter friend of mine, I'm now leaning toward, "That's so NOT the way to think."

The other day an awesome photographer friend of mine said, "Stop being lazy." I'm not sure if he realized he said it, because it was in the middle of some other juicy tidbits of knowledge that he was imparting upon me, but it stuck.

It stuck because I knew he was right. I was being lazy. And up until that point I was being lazy about white balance as …

Scary Skeleton Went BUMP in the Night!

Scary Skeleton Went BUMP in the Night!, originally uploaded by PhotoGraphicGirl. I'm realizing that some shots that I may have missed were possible simply because I kept the camera poised and ready.

Have you ever thought, "OMG I would have HAD that if I didn't chimp!" And yet we can't go through life with our cameras on our eyeballs or we'll miss most of it. Life, that is.

The best we can do is pay attention WHEN we're out shooting, and unless you're improving your skills, don't glutton yourself with chimping what you know was probably a great shot until after the session is completely over.