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See A Little Every Day

I've got friends who say, "You should bring your camera with you everywhere." And while that sounds spectacular, the reality of it is that unless you're a professional photographer (those whose main source of income is photography), you're not likely to haul around your "rig" (as a friend of mine calls it) every day. Chances are that most of us only get time to shoot on the weekends.

Enter the iPhone.

I pondered the iPhone for a long time while I had other phones, thinking that supporting the underdog was my thing. As time went on and syncing became problematic, I came to the conclusion that supporting the underdog was ... well, it was my father's thing. I just happened to be supporting my father by supporting his 1950's beliefs.

And so with newly shed guilt I switched to iPhone when my previous phone died an unsavory death by accidental crushing. And as far as phones are concerned, I haven't looked back.

I don't think the point of sh…