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Goodbye to the Long Island Photography Meetup

Hi folks,

My time as the head of our group is drawing to a close, so I wanted to write one last email as organizer.

I want to thank Roni for the rock you’ve been for the last few years. Thanks for all the laughs, knowledge and support! Thanks to the members who have helped organize events, posted images, posted messages on the boards, voted in polls, contributed to the group... With out you all doing that – and so much more – this group wouldn’t be where it is now. Thank you!

This group started with five people: Arnie, Pete, Roy, Roni and myself. I had told my husband at the time as I left for that first Meetup at the local Starbucks, “I guess the worst that could happen is no one shows up and I come home.” ... Well, after four and a half years and over 350 members and some crazy events ... I’m finally “heading home.”

Our group is now an astounding array of novice to professional photographers who are the most giving people on this planet. I’ve learned more about lenses, equipment, a…

Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Video)

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Over a 35 year career, Steve Sint has photographed over 4000 weddings, taken over 2 million photographs, and shot over 1 million portraits for his own studio and others in the New York metropolitan area. If you think you know portraiture, think again. Check out Steve's blog at:

Rope Over Fence

Rope Over Fence, originally uploaded by PhotoGraphicGirl. As founder of the Long Island Photography Meetup, I organized an outing to the William Floyd Estate, now part of the Fire Island National Seashore, in Mastic Beach on Saturday, April 24.

It was a gorgeous day; we had about 18 members follow a very patient MaryLaura Lamont, who lead us from buildings to beachfront across the estate.

As an organizer of a 350+ group, I found it's usually best to listen and observe both the location's representative as well as my own members, and once the group is done shooting, to return to my favorite spots and reshoot on my own. Because of the quantity of members attending Meetups, it becomes difficult to shoot with so many friendly people saying hello, and I find myself wanting to chat in return.

"Rope Over Fence" was one shot taken after the masses had left. I found myself juggling my Nikon D80 as well as the Canon PowerShot Pro1. This is just one of many shots taken before thoug…