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Should you make a to-do list, or just DO the to-do list?

Remember the old slogan, "Just do it!" from Nike? According to Greek mythology, "Nike" is actually the goddess of victory, so I'm guessing their subliminal message is that if you wear Nike sneakers, you'll be victorious.
Well what about, "Just find the time!" What product will make me victorious in finding time? My friends would all agree that the most whining I do is over my lack of time. They've got a million great ideas that would help with my freelance graphic design and photography, but my response is usually, "Awesome. Now if I can only find the time."
A project manager friend of mine told me to just prioritize whats on my list. Awesome. Now if I can find the time to do that ... and does "prioritize my to-do list" go on the top of my to-do list?

So far I've done an outstanding job rewriting those to-do lists. I've read several hundred times that creating lists only gets you so far — at some point you've got t…

When should I book a photographer for my holiday photos?

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of the year! The summer is in full swing, your kids are outside in the sprinkler and you're contemplating your calendar for the start of a new school year.

So why would you be thinking, "When is the best time to hire a photographer for our holiday cards?"

Because most photographers start booking their fall calendars in the summer.

Is it too early to photograph my holiday photos in the fall?

Absolutely not! Fall foliage is an awesome backdrop for photos! The only other time that would be better for holiday photos is in the winter, but you'd have to hire the photographer AFTER the holidays are over, and that's obviously too late if you want to mail holiday photo cards to family and friends.

So when should I hire the photographer? When should I book the photographer?

One of the biggest issues that folks have when hiring photographers is actually the initial contact. It's difficult to ask a photographer what you want when you…

Rollin In The Heep

Rollin In The Heep, a photo by PhotoGraphicGirl on Flickr. Out east on Long Island is the Harbes Family Farm, where each year they hold a Sweet Corn Festival. This year my son and I went, mainly because he loves the grounds and all the children-friendly items.

This is a great spot for children's portraits because its not typical, yet not really distracting. If you have a client who is more toward the country side, I would suggest finding a farm similar to Harbes - if not Harbes itself - and photograph the portraits there. Just remember to ask the owners if you're allowed to photograph on the grounds... and bring business cards!

Happy Shooting!

Adrienne Brand Photography is now on!

Check me out at Ratings are already jumping!

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