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Florabella's Free Diptych

Hi folks!
Florabella Collection offers an action for the Facebook Timeline. The owner of Florabella seems to be generous, I'm pretty sure she'll allow you to create diptychs for your clients as well as yourself, provided you flatten the layers before you hand over the JPG. Here's a link to the diptych. (You may have to "Like" the page.)

> Here's a link to the free Diptcych action

> Florabella Collection on Facebook. << Click there for more info on Florabella as well as free actions via Florabella's Facebook page. I plan to use the diptych for my photo fan page as well as my graphic design fan page (because I think I have all the time in the world *laughing).

(Click here for more info on what an old style "diptych" is.)

(Click here for more info and examples of contemporary diptychs.)

My results / sample:
This is the diptych that I made for my Facebook Timeline, using Florabella's action. (Sorry if it shows up a tad bit large):

What is Retouching?

I've been getting more involved with freelancing portrait photography, and so have been studying about retouching more in order to enhance the images that I give to clients. What is retouching?
Retouching includes photo manipulations including: fixing the white balance on your image so the color is more lifelike, replacing arms or eyes, removing items from the background, inserting updated product shots, changing model positions, removing light poles... Whether you realize it or not, most of us already do some level of retouching. Actions
During the last few months I've come across some Photoshop Actions that have improved the quick skin retouching that I do on portraits, as well as the color and enhancement of the photos themselves. An Action is somewhat like an enhanced filter – instead of hitting one button you hit "Play," and it runs through an entire series of gyrations that you may later manipulate mainly through your layers palette. Example!
The following two ima…