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Miss & Mini

Miss & Mini, a photo by PhotoGraphicGirl on Flickr. I'll admit there are times when I just don't feel like photographing clients. This wasn't one of those times. When a client shows enthusiasm from the very beginning, is excited about the location, what they're going to wear, talks about their children, follows up with me quickly... you know it's going to be a great shoot. These two girls posed wonderfully before I could even get my entire statement out. Most of the time I would end-up saying things like, "Yes! That's it!" And now I know why photographers shout enthusiastic statements to models, we're just so excited about how well the shoot is going and how great we think the final images will be.

This shoot was taken right after Hurricane Sandy on Long Island, New York. We were going to photograph the girls at Argyle Park in Babylon, but the water still hadn't left the park, and everything was in disarray. So we went to Avalon Park in Ston…

The Calm After Hurricane Sandy

The Calm After Hurricane Sandy, a photo by PhotoGraphicGirl on Flickr. A tiny bit of calm in the wake of Hurricane Sandy... With many Long Islanders not sure about how to proceed in the wake of the storm, this client held her ground and came out to have her daughters photographed. And they were magnificent! Well behaved, good listeners, loved them, and was very glad that we could finally get their shoot done! Well worth the wait! Thanks to Ken Thalheimer and Ed Dertinger from Photographers for Freelancers Meetup, as well as an old classmate, Marc, for helping me out with the location of Avalon, I hadn't been there for a while and wasn't sure where the actual location was. Thank you!