When should I book a photographer for my holiday photos?

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of the year! The summer is in full swing, your kids are outside in the sprinkler and you're contemplating your calendar for the start of a new school year.

So why would you be thinking, "When is the best time to hire a photographer for our holiday cards?"

Because most photographers start booking their fall calendars in the summer.

Is it too early to photograph my holiday photos in the fall?

Absolutely not! Fall foliage is an awesome backdrop for photos! The only other time that would be better for holiday photos is in the winter, but you'd have to hire the photographer AFTER the holidays are over, and that's obviously too late if you want to mail holiday photo cards to family and friends.

So when should I hire the photographer? When should I book the photographer?

One of the biggest issues that folks have when hiring photographers is actually the initial contact. It's difficult to ask a photographer what you want when you have no idea what you want! So ask yourself a few questions:

- When do you want to mail your holiday cards? Choose an actual date on the calendar.


- How much time do you need to write and address those holiday cards? Consider the timing - a week or two? Then, using the date you chose above, back it up two weeks.


- How much time would it take you to form your holiday email and address it? Consider the timing - a week or two? Then, using the date you chose above, back it up two weeks.


- Take that date, back it up another two weeks: That's the very latest date that you need to schedule the actual session with a photographer.

So call now for your holiday photos, and book the date for the fall. Approximately a week to two weeks before the session, contact your photographer again to confirm your appointment.

Good luck!

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