The Best Time to Have Your Child Photographed

I'm definitely learning that the best time to shoot almost anything is at sunrise or sunset, and with children on the beach it's no exception.


Well, as a busy parent, you know that your child is probably  running around all day - whether it be playing, socializing or running errands with you.

Obviously you wouldn't want your child to be anything else than themselves, but a relaxed subject is much easier for a photographers to shoot than a nervous, overly-energetic one who hasn't "gotten their sillies out" yet.

This shot is approximately 6 PM. After a good half-hour of letting the little girl play in the sand, I started shooting. By then she was relaxed and the sun was positioning itself in a better angle, with richer light

The angle of the sun is very important
It's amazing that the majority of newer shooters hang-tough to the 10 A.M til noon hours. With harsh shadows and bright glare, it's no wonder that many would-be great shots become a squint-festival. The last thing you want to do is hire a photographer who creates multiple shots of your child squinting and tearing-up in the blazing heat.
Stick to the early evening hours. While everyone else is coming in from a long tiring day on the beach, you, your child and yoru photographer will be well-rested, well-fed, and ready to go.

Happy Shooting!

~ Adrienne

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