First Communion Photos

First Communion by PhotoGraphicGirl
First Communion, a photo by PhotoGraphicGirl on Flickr.

A friend of mine had a great idea – photograph her son earlier than his first communion day in order to have prints made for the "Thank you" cards. So I came to their home where he was very dapperly dressed his his Sunday finest.

Yet I've come to the conclusion that Mother Nature is an old bitty who refuses to cooperate. We tried shooting in the mist, but the drops became too heavy and we were forced to come inside. Being a more experienced photographer, I know what my camera can handle, so we propped him near the nearest window and took a few shots before heading off to a nearby park that sported a picnic area with covered pergola.

This boy is a charmer. He's got the greatest personality and is so willing to help. As a photographer, it's what you want your clients to be; cheerful and cooperative. We snapped a few shots inside her apartment then headed to the park. This is just one of the images from that day.

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