Do photographers bring their cameras on vacation?

Photographers are creative people, and we definitely want to bring our cameras everywhere. But even photographers need to unplug. The problem that I personally have with bringing my camera is that I won't be able to completely unplug when I'm supposed to be relaxing on vacation. If I don't relax, I'll end-up with a few problems when vacation is finished:
  • I'll end up turning my vacation into a training session and put pressure on myself
  • If I don't completely unplug and relax during my vacation, I'll still be burned-out when I return from vacation
  • I'll have vacation images to go through when I get home that'll put off business
One thing I like do to when I'm on vacation is bring a small point-and-shoot. These cameras are pocket-sized and can take the photo as well – though not nearly as impressive as my entire rig can – but will at least preserve the memory and allow me to later contemplate how I would have shot it professionally had I had all my equipment at the time of the shoot. 

Also, friends and family don't want complete rigs in their faces when they're trying to relax. I can't imaging hauling around my equipment while we're trying to have fun. Thankfully, it's this last point that completes my guilt-free transition into vacation life. 

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