Best Day Ever

🔶 For his entire 9 years, my son has only known what it's been like to hve a family of two: him and me. After years of asking and us dreaming, I finally put words into action – with much anxiety – and booked a Disney Vacation for just the two of us. I was no longer going to allow fear to dictate lackluster vacations. 

🔶 After a tremendous amout of research, planning and execution, we arrived safely at our room in Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. I was exhausted, my brain practically on-fire from concern. After inspecting our entire room, I returned to the bed to drop my bag. There, on the pillow, was this note. 

🔶 My eyes instantly filled with tears and I was overwelmed with love for this child of mine who was so excited and grateful to have a mom who put her fear aside – multiple times – to make his life the best it could be. 

🔶As a society, we dont get moments like this often. Our culture demands a full working and playing schedule that forces these moments to slip by. Grateful that I at least had my cell phone, I captured this moment and posted for friends and family to enjoy as well. But as a photographer, a part of me wished I was able to freeze this moment in time, possibly hang on the wall with the other images from Disney. 

🔶 The best moments are life are those that bring you to tears with love or gratitude. And those of us who are able to capture them forever in a photo have been given a priceless gift. 

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